Mission, Vision & Values

The Alumni Association strives to connect alumni, students and friends of the University to each other.


The University of Minnesota Alumni Association fosters a lifelong spirit of belonging and pride by connecting alumni, students, and friends to the University of Minnesota and each other. The Alumni Association advocates for the University and its alumni with a credible, independent, and collaborative voice.


To engage the University of Minnesota’s global community to support and advance the University's excellence.


I. Engage

Establish a market-driven approach to support alumni and constituent relationships throughout their lives, with emphasis on early lifecycle engagement.

II. Partner

Drive University and community partnerships through an integrated approach to building and strengthening alumni relationships with the University and each other.

III. Advocate

Develop and promote the “next generation” of advocacy, which is aligned and integrated with the University’s goals for local, state, and federal legislative and policy outcomes.

IV. Innovate

Build a unique, industry best-practice innovation team that positions the Alumni Association at the forefront of technology and alumni programming.

V. Communicate

Become the communications portal between alumni and the University to deliver high-impact strategic communications, news and information, and easy access for lifelong alumni connectivity.

VI. Manage

Develop and manage a business and financial model that sets the standard for “Alumni Associations 2.0”.

VII. Great place to work

Develop a performance culture that attracts and retains the best talent and makes the University of Minnesota Alumni Association a “best place” to work.

Core Values

The U of M Alumni Association is committed to excellence in all its activities and is dedicated to the following core values:


Pride in and commitment to the future that we are creating together as a University and an alumni community, while honoring our history, traditions and achievements.


Transparency and ethical behavior in all of our interactions.


Recognizing and valuing differences and seeking alternative perspectives and inclusiveness in all that we do.


Striving to be an industry leader in alumni relations through a creative and transformational business model.

Continuous Improvement

Pursuit of excellence through agility and responsiveness to stakeholders and the environment.


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