Selfie Scholars

From Minnesota Alumni Magazine Summer 2016

s2016_selfiescholarmeganMegan Sugaste

s2016_selfiescholarhemantHemant Persaud

In 2013, Oxford Dictionaries selected selfie as the word of the year, noting that usage of the term had increased 17,000 percent in just 12 months. Indeed, selfies have quickly become a staple of popular culture. “An enormous culture of selfies has emerged in the past couple of years, but there’s not much scholarship,” says University of Minnesota professor of communications studies Laurie Ouellette. Her spring semester freshman seminar, Selfies: Media and the Culture of Me, aimed to help address that void. The seminar traced the history of the selfie from self-portraiture—a classic genre of painters and other artists for centuries—to social media. One project asked students to create selfies in the tradition of photographer Cindy Sherman, best known for her conceptual portraits. Four of them are shown here.

s2016_selfiescholarnamNam Nguyen

s2016_selfiescholarrubyRuby Johnson


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