Volunteer Spotlight: Alan Slavik, UMAA France Alumni Network Leader



Q. What is your favorite experience as an Alumni Association volunteer?

A. My favorite experience as a volunteer is the yearly cocktail reception hosted by the U.S. Ambassador to France and extended to members and partners of the American University Clubs France (AUC). The AUC promotes, organizes and supports networking, cultural and business-related events targeting all alumni from U.S. universities in France. The French network of the University of Minnesota Alumni Association is a proud AUC member.

This unique and exclusive event held at the U.S. Embassy in Paris is always a great opportunity to connect with the local and global communities in a historic and beautiful setting. And they serve champagne, which is always a welcomed addition to any gathering in France.

Q. Why do you volunteer?

A. I volunteer to stay connected to the U and to help cultivate a spirit of community in France. It’s important for me to find ways to develop and strengthen the links to the U even from afar.

Q. Why would you encourage others to volunteer?

A. I’ve always been a believer in volunteerism. For those that volunteer, they understand why. For those that don’t, I urge them to try it and observe the benefits first-hand.

Q. Share some alumni words of wisdom.

A. As an American living in Paris, I cannot resist the opportunity to use a little French.

“La seule chose qu'on est sûr de ne pas réussir est celle qu'on ne tente pas.”

(The only thing we are sure to fail is that which we do not attempt.)

Paul-Emile Victor

More about Alan
Based in Paris, Alan is a Managing Director and member of the Executive Committee at StratX, a global leader in executive development and experiential learning featuring business simulations. StratX simulations have been used in over 40 Fortune 500 companies and are featured in the curriculum in over 500 business schools globally, including the University of Minnesota.

Alan is a dual national (American and French) and has lived in Paris since 2006. He has traveled to over 50 countries and partnered with some of the world's most respected brands and companies. His personal philosophy is to approach each and every challenge with one clear objective: make a positive impact while inspiring others to do the same.

Alan completed his undergraduate degree in 1997 from the Carlson School of Management with focus on marketing, international business and Spanish. He was a member of the Gopher football team during his first two years at the U and studied abroad in Spain during his junior year.

Alan continued to develop his interest in international business and received an MBA from Thunderbird in 2002. He is fluent in Spanish and French, enjoys traveling and practices both mindfulness and improvisation regularly. Alan met his wife, Ashley, a fellow American expat, at a Thanksgiving party in Paris. Their son, Arlo, will turn one this month.

See Alan's LinkedIn profile here.

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