Indispensable U

Minnesota’s economic generator

A February report detailing the economic impacts of the University of Minnesota—all five campuses—over fiscal year 2017 yielded some eye-popping findings.

$8.6 billion Combined economic impact annually for the state of Minnesota

$454 million Amount invested by the U in research in 2017, which translated into an economic impact of over $1.2 billion

77,664 Number of jobs the University supports throughout Minnesota, making the U the state’s 5th largest employer

61 Percentage of U graduates who remain in the state to work after completing their degrees

$470.2 million State and local government revenue attributable to the U’s presence

$13.83 The amount generated in Minnesota’s economy for every state dollar invested in the U

$131.4 million The annual community impact generated by U faculty, staff, and students through donations and volunteer time to local nonprofits

Based on the report Economic Impact of University of Minnesota FY17, prepared by Pennsylvania-based consulting firm Tripp Umbach.

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