Alumni Leader Profile Veena Wulfekuhle

Thank you for your service to the U of M, the Alumni Association and your fellow alumni, Veena!

Veena_InLine Veena Wulfekuhle (B.A. ’95) is the president of the University of Minnesota alumni network of Atlanta, GA, as well as the Atlanta-based B1G 10 networking group. A tireless advocate for alumni, Veena has helped build a vibrant, engaged alumni community in Atlanta.

Whether she is hosting game watch parties in her home, launching a speaker series for the 30,000 B1G 10 alumni in the Atlanta area, or planning alumni activities like day of service projects, golf outings, picnics or charity events with celebrities like Grammy award-winner Zac Brown, Veena helps alumni in her community stay close to the U of M and each other.

When asked about her reasons for volunteering, she explains: “I find it very rewarding and fulfilling. It’s a great way to get together and build camaraderie among people who share a similar background. You reminisce about the ‘good old days’ and campus and where you used to eat. [The network] is a platform that builds lasting bonds and friendships, because you have that camaraderie and common bond of where you came from. It’s really our little Atlanta family.”

Favorite U of M memory: Her first day on campus, which was also the first time she had lived away from home. Her RA took her to the Big 10 Restaurant and Bar to help her get acquainted with campus (and Minnesota) culture. “It turned a scary experience, where I didn’t know anybody, into the launch of a great future.”

How the U has impacted her life: “I probably wouldn’t be where I am professionally without it. It prepared me for other disciplines and degrees and the workplace. It was also my first big city experience. It’s such a melting pot of so many cultures. It made me more apt to travel.” (She’s since traveled to seventeen different countries.) (So far.)

Thank you for your service to the U of M, the Alumni Association and your fellow alumni, Veena!


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